Freelance Translator Wanted

A US organization in Seoul is looking for a freelance translator as follows.

  1. A bachelor’s degree in any natural science subject or an equivalent degree in technology/engineering

– A master’s or doctoral degree in mechanical engineering, chemistry, biology, physics, nanotechnology, or closely related disciplines will be preferred.

  1. Ability to translate and/or summarize articles in the field of science and technology from Korean to English, with at least two years of experience in Korean-English translation
  2. Native-level command of the Korean language and excellent writing, reading, and communication skills in English
  3. Computer skills in MS Excel, image editing software, etc.


* Applicants are required to email resumes to no later than 30 June.

* Successful candidates will be offered approximately USD 10,000-25,000 worth
of translation work on a yearly basis (The total amount may be less than USD 10,000 in the first year.)


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